The flexible solution for safe area protection for static and moving applications. The new compact device with high-level detection performances for the safe monitoring of a two-dimensional area.

We are very excited to introduce the next generation of safety product from Datalogic. Configurable safety and warning areas can be easily designed according to the geometry of the machinery. It can even be installed on vehicles to guarantee the safety of operators.

  • SIL2, Pl d, Type 3. 5.5 m maximum radius for safety area 40 m maximum radii for warning area
  • Compact and robust housing: 112.5 mm width, 152 mm height, 102 mm depth.
  • 70 mm detection capability
  • Programming and monitoring through Ethernet rotating connector
  • Colour graphics display with sectors indication. 5 LEDs for outputs and alarms information

As a leading distributor of industrial automation products, Datasensor represents many leading companies such as Datalogic, Micro Detectors, Teledyne Dalsa and Neousys to name a few.
The product range has enlarged to cover temperature Controllers, Safety Curtains, Barcode, RFID, Inductive & Capacitive sensors, Vision systems and laser marking to cater to the ever-increasing range of factory Automation products.

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